The Fear Index
His name is carefully guarded from the general public but within the secretive inner circles of the ultra-rich Dr Alex Hoffmann is a legend – a visionary scientist whose computer software turns everything it touches into gold.

Together with his partner, an investment banker, Hoffmann has developed a revolutionary form of artificial intelligence that tracks human emotions, enabling it to predict movements in the financial markets with uncanny accuracy. His hedge fund, based in Geneva, makes billions...
The Fear Index by Robert Harris
  • 'I loved The Fear Index with its gripping and timely setting'
    Mariella Frostrup, Mail on Sunday
  • 'If you want to make someone happy. . .give them The Fear Index'
    Kirsty Wark, Observer
  • 'The Fear Index sees Robert Harris step away from the traditional political environment of The Ghost and focus on where the real power lies. . .intoxicating'
    Independent on Sunday
  • 'I was consumed. . .It is a fast and thrilling novel utterly of our time'
    Jon Snow, New Statesman
  • 'Gripping stuff'
  • 'The Fear Index combined a gripping narrative with intelligence and wild imagination'
  • 'Harris has an uncanny knack of tapping into the zeitgeist, and this chilling thriller. . .is no exception'
  • 'The Fear Index is a total ripsnorting, Demon Seed-type romp'
  • 'Suspense and satire combine in a book that is as up to the minute as a news flash and the sizzling revitalisation of a classic'
    Sunday Times
  • 'The Fear Index could scarcely be more of the moment'
    The Times
  • 'The Fear Index is an escapist thriller to rank with the best of them'
  • 'The Fear Index, could hardly be more contemporary and relevant. . .Harris writes with a deceptively languid elegance. . .A satisfying read on a number of levels'
    Irish Times
  • 'An assuredly intelligent and deftly-paced novel...Perhaps the greatest thriller writer around, Harris has delivered his best work yet. A modern classic'
    Irish Examiner
  • 'The Fear Index is a frightening book...Harris has an excellent sense of pace, and understands as much about fear in literature as Hoffman does in markets'
  • 'There are moments when this book feels so up to date it could have been written next week...Not only is Harris a brilliant yarn spinner he also makes the mysteries of what hedge funds do and what short-selling means entirely understandable and spookily exciting'
    Daily Express
  • 'Robert Harris’s new thriller is both gripping and chilling...For someone with little knowledge of how the markets work, The Fear Index is illuminating but terrifying as our reliance on flickering numbers is revealed. . .no-one should miss this terrifying book'
    Country Life
  • 'Absurdly gripping...Harris’s great skill is to inhabit fully and convincingly the worlds he writes about. . .showing off his vast research yet never allowing the white-knuckle narrative to lose momentum'
    New Statesman
  • 'Prepare for goosebumps'
  • 'What I so admire about Harris as a writer is the surface shine of his prose. It is muscular, utterly functional but still capable of poetry when necessary. George Orwell said that good writing was like a pane of glass through which the reader can see the action. With Harris, we get to see it in 3D'
  • 'Robert Harris’s latest novel is a combination of ripping yarn, political and historical verisimilitude and diligent research into a hither-to closed world'
  • 'A fine dystopian parable...the story is reminiscent of everyone from Michael Crichton to Ian Fleming, Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock. Yet there is an uncomfortable core of reality there. . .Readers will, I suspect, not only savour The Fear Index, but wince with recognition'
    Financial Times
  • 'Read the book. You will do so very rapidly'
  • 'Harris wears his considerable research lightly. The prose is as crisp as ever, while the plotting accelerates at Hadron Collider pace'
  • 'Robert Harris’s thriller presents a fictional nightmare that feels like a wake-up call...The novel has a sophistication that lift’s beyond banker-bashing. Harris takes aim at a corrupted system from a moral and intellectual height that practically induces vertigo'
    Sunday Telegraph
  • 'Robert Harris’s first contemporary thriller since The Ghost is an ingenious and vivid parable of our times'
    A.N. Wilson, Reader’s Digest
  • 'The Fear Index is both cutting edge and keenly conscious of its literary predecessors. . .a virtuoso specimen'
    Sunday Times
  • 'Harris is a master of pace and entertainment, and The Fear Index is a thoroughly enjoyable book. . .Read the book'
  • 'What makes Harris’s thrillers so much more rewarding than those of his rivals is that they all, whatever their ostensible subject, come out of his deep and expert interest. . .The Fear Index is certainly another winner'
    Evening Standard
  • 'This latest nail-biter from the author of The Ghost will keep fans of suspense up all night'
    Good Housekeeping
  • 'To crawl by bus through rush-hour traffic is not something that would normally appeal to a busy person. Unless, like me, that person was in possession of The Fear Index. . .Delivers pure pleasure with every page'
    The Lady
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